David Mattingly - YouTube ( Dave Mattingly Npr #1)

Photo 1 of 7David Mattingly - YouTube ( Dave Mattingly Npr  #1)

David Mattingly - YouTube ( Dave Mattingly Npr #1)

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David Mattingly - YouTube ( Dave Mattingly Npr  #1)WNPR's Morning Edition Host Diane Orson Always Loves A Good Surprise.but  She Doesn't Want You To Be Too Surprised By Our New Clock. (superb Dave Mattingly Npr #2)Marvelous Dave Mattingly Npr  #3 Mayor Dave Mattingly - Memphis Flea MarketDave Mattingly - Go Benton (charming Dave Mattingly Npr #4)Wonderful Dave Mattingly Npr #5 NPR CEO Vivian Schiller OutDave Mattingly Npr Photo #7 NPR's .Jason L'Odense Director, Comm Center Technologies American Medical Response ( Dave Mattingly Npr Photo Gallery #8)


Da•vid (dāvid for 1, 2, 5; Fr. da vēd for 3, 5;
dä vēᵺ for 4, 5),USA pronunciation
  1. died c970 b.c., the second king of Israel, reigned c1010–c970, successor to Saul: slayer of the Philistine giant Goliath.
  2. Saint. Also called  Dewi Sant. a.d. c510–601?, Welsh bishop: patron saint of Wales.
  3. Jacques Louis  (zhäk lwē),USA pronunciation 1748–1825, French painter.
  4. a city in SW Panama. 70,700.
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